Congratulations, Sarai

Sarai is officially an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant! Sarai attended our 12 Week Dental Assistant Training Program in September of 2018. By February, Sarai has already finished her internship and is starting a new job as a dental assistant! We are beyond proud of you, Sarai. Congratulations!  

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Congratulations, Jeylina

Jeylina is officially an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant! Jeylina attended our 12 Week Dental Assistant Training Program in August of 2018. By October, Jeylina had landed an internship at a local corporate dental office in St. Petersburg. By February, not only did Jeylina finish her internship, but she had acquired MORE THAN the required hours! On top of her recent successes, Jeylina has also been scheduling working interviews less than 24 hours after obtaining her …

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Congratulations, Kimberly

Congratulations to the newest Expanded Functions Dental Assistant! Kimberly attended the Monday & Wednesday Evening Dental Assistant Training Program in August. Even though her class graduated in January, Kimberly had started her internship in November! Shortly after her graduation, Kimberly managed to complete her 200 hours and receive her EFDA & Radiology certificates! We are extremely proud of your hard work, congratulations!

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Congratulations, Julio

Meet your newest Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Julio attended our 12 Week Dental Assistant Training Program in May of 2018. As he was attending our program, Julio was also attending Keiser University and St. Petersburg Community College for Medical Assistant and to continue with his Bachelor’s degree. Julio graduated from our program in July and by September had landed a total of 3 internships. Julio finished all of his hours and applied his skills before …

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Congratulations, Shanice

HUGE round of applause to our latest graduate and officially certified student, Shanice. Shanice attended our February 2018 Monday and Wednesday evening program. She diligently set out to test her skills in the dental world and landed an internship in April. By July, Shanice had already interned the Florida-required hours and was ready to be official. Shanice is now Florida-certified as an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant and in Radiography. Congratulations, Shanice!

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