What Does a Dental Assistant Do?

Dental assistants are members of the dental team. They support the Dentist with all dental assisting procedures as well as are the main communicator with the patient to explain the dental procedures.

The Dental Assistant is an important part of the Dental team.

Some of the dental procedures the dental assistant would assist the dentist with are:

  • Set up and break down the dental operatory (room)
  • Sterilize dental operatory and dental instruments
  • Take Dental X-rays
  • Assist the Dentist in exams by charting the patients existing restorations as well as any new treatment needed and make a treatment plan for any dental procedures needed based on the exam/charting that was completed.
  • Assemble trays with proper dental instruments for the procedure being performed on the patient.
  • Assist the dentist in the dental procedure by handing the dentist the proper dental instrument he needs at the appropriate time.
  • Polish teeth – Coronal Polishing
  • Remove sutures from a previous dental procedure the patient had
  • Place Dental Sealants
  • Take Alginate Impressions
  • Pour the Alginate Impressions into Plaster Study Models
  • Make Temporary Crown if the patient is having a Crown or Bridge Preparation

Set up the Procedure Tray and Transfer Dental Instruments to the Dentist

Polish the Clinical Crowns of the Teeth

Taking X-rays on Patients

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