12 Week Dental Assistant Program FAQ

How long is Academy for Dental Assistants Program?

Program Length is 12 weeks training in our facility and a 200 hour internship at a local dental office. The Internship is completed in 3 -12 months.

How will I find time for Dental Assistant training?

Any dental assistant training takes time to complete and many students also balance work, childcare and other responsibilities. The benefits of choosing Academy for Dental Assistants as your training school is that you can continue to work while attending Saturday classes and can finish your dental assistant training and be on your way to pursuing your new career in less than 6 months. Also, our program is a hybrid format so that your class time is 100% hands on training while the instructional material is online and can be completed in the comfort of your home.

How much will this program cost me?

Tuition and fees: $2495

What financing options are available to help me pay for this program?

We accept check, cash, and all major credit cards.

We also offer in office financing with a $600 deposit and $170 a week for 12 weeks.

We do not accept Pell Grants due to the program only being 12 weeks in length and under $5000.

What other costs are there for this program?

Students are responsible for their medical scrub uniform and textbooks, no other fees are necessary.

Required Books

  1. Textbook Modern Dental Assisting, 12th Ed
    by Doni L. Bird CDA RDA RDH MA (Author), Debbie S. Robinson CDA MS (Author)
    ISBN-13: 978-0323430302 ISBN-10: 0323430309 Edition: 12th
  2. Student Workbook for Modern Dental Assisting, 12e Paperback by Doni L. Bird CDA RDA RDH MA (Author), Debbie S. Robinson CDA MS (Author) ISBN-13: 978-0323430319 ISBN-10: 0323430317 Edition: 12th

Navy Blue Medical Scrub Uniform (pants, top, jacket)
Purchased at any Uniform Store or Walmart

Professional Liability Insurance

Purchased through HPSO.com – $38 for 12 months

What certifications will I get after taking your program?

When you complete the 12 week training program and a 200 hour internship you will receive your EFDA Certification and Dental X-ray Certification to become certified as a Florida Dental Assistant.

You will not have to take any additional classes or pay any additional fees. Both State Certifications are in included in the cost of the Program $2495.

Does this program offer a diploma, a degree or a certification in Dental Assisting?

Florida requires dental assistants to have 2 certifications in order to be a Florida Dental Assistant your Florida Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Certification (EFDA) and a Florida Dental X-ray Certification.

Both are provided to the student once they complete the 12 week program and the 200 hour internship.

You will not have to take any additional classes or pay any additional fees. Both State Certifications are in included in the cost of the Program $2495.

How many tests are in your program?

There are 4 tests throughout the program each one has a written test that will be online and clinical hands on portion that will be in our facility. The written tests will come directly from the book and the hands on test will be from skills you have learned in our facility.

These are the State Tests for Certification as a Dental Assistant in Florida. No other tests are required to receive your EFDA and X-ray Certifications from the Florida Board of Dentistry.

After the program will I have to complete any other schooling or take any other tests?

No further schooling or tests will be needed to become a Florida Expanded Functions Dental Assistant. During the program you take the state tests required to become a dental assistant in Florida. Once you complete your 12 Week Dental Assisting Program and the 200 hour internship, the dentist will sign a form that we provide stating you have been formally trained in the EFDA and X-ray procedures along with your hours and dates of training. That form is sent to the school and your EFDA and X-ray Certifications will be given. There is no additional testing, schooling or funds needed.

You will not have to take any additional classes or pay any additional fees. Both State Certifications are in included in the cost of the Program $2495. 

How long do I have to complete the 200 hour internship?

You have a minimum of 3 months and maximum of 12 months to complete your 200 hours.

How many hours per week must I work in a dental office for my internship?

The amount of hours you work per week is decided between you and the dental office based on your availability and the dental office needs.

Do you help me find an office to do my internship?

Dental Offices send us requests for interns throughout the year. As dental offices send us requests for interns we pass the information on to our students. But we cannot guarantee we will have an office available for internship in your area at the time of your internship.

It has not been an issue for students to find a placement for internship in their community. We will help students with developing resumes to present to dental offices.

How do I find an office to do my internship?

Most students find an office to do their internship that is close to their home or somewhere they are interested in working after their internship, some students ask their own dentists. Students typically call, email or drop off their resume with a cover letter to multiple dental offices asking to complete their internship.

Does my 200 hours have to be as an internship, I was offered a dental assisting job?

That is the beauty of our program, Florida statue states a dental assistant must have on the job training in addition to classroom training but the statue does not stipulate that the on the job training must be done as an internship. Some of our students are able to obtain entry level dental assistant positions and earn money while completing their 200 hours.

What type of office does my 200 hours have to be done in?

Students hours must be completed in a General Dental Office Only. This is because your certifications will be as an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant and most of those duties are not done in a specialty dental office with the exception of a Pediatric Dental Office. (I.e. fillings, temporary crowns, impressions, polishing, dental charting, etc)

What if I finish my 200 hours in 8 weeks because I am working 3 days per week?

The Florida Board of Dentistry states, Certification requires three (3) months continuous experience under the DIRECT SUPERVISION of a Florida licensed dentist and successful completion of a Board of Dentistry approved course. You can work as many hours as you like but you can only get your Florida Certifications after 3 months on the job training and a minimum of 200 hours.

What is your schools accreditation?

Our courses are Approved and Certified by the Florida Board of Dentistry.

And Licensed by the Department of Education Lic # 7538

Can the Certifications provided by your school be used in other states?

Our courses are approved and certified by the Florida Board of Dentistry and are good for the entire state of Florida. You need to check with each state Board of Dentistry to see what their requirements are to be a dental assistant in their state. Each state has different requirements. Florida’s Board of Dentistry requires a Florida EFDA and X-ray Certification and does may not accept other states certifications.

I will be out of town one of the days we are in class how can I make up the work I missed in class?

We understand that things happen but Attendance is an important part of this program since we only have 12 weeks to train you to become an entry level dental assistant. Students are allowed to have 1 excused absence from class. After 2 missed classes students will be withdrawn from the program. The material we cover in class can only be made up by reading that section in your book or online and will be the responsibility of the student to make up the information. Clinical Hands on Tests Days CANNOT be missed. Under special situations is there is a proven emergency and approved by the Program Director in advance the student may be allowed to retake the Clinical Hands On Test by paying a $75 retake test fee  which must be taken BEFORE attending the next class.

What is the difference between your program and other programs that are 10 -12 month programs?

The difference is about $10,000. We have developed our program to spend less time in the classroom and more time in the field with the training in a real dental office. We have developed this course to teach the current procedures used today and take out the material that you won’t use as a dental assistant (the history of dental, anatomy of the body, etc).

We have learned that there is only so much we can teach you on models and on each other in the classroom; we prefer to get you out in the field learning on actual patients. The program is 12 weeks and the internship is 3 months, total length from start to finish is 6 months. Another difference is we do not charge the student for the internship that’s why our cost is significantly lower than the other programs.

How can I register for your Dental Assistant Program?

*From our Home Page at www.academy4da.com

*Select the course you want to take. You can choose to pay in full or make your deposit of $600 to hold your spot in the course.

*Select “Add to Cart” and then “Proceed to Check Out”

After your deposit or payment in full is processed you will be directed to a page to select your class date. Once the payment and date have been selected you will immediately have access to the Course material under “My Courses”

What is a Dental Assistant?

Dental Assistants assist the dentist in providing more efficient dental treatment with responsibilities like preparing the patient for treatment, sterilizing instruments, passing instruments during the procedure, holding suction devices, exposing dental radiographs, taking impressions, and fabricating provisional crowns.

How can I become a Dental Assistant?

When you complete the Academy for Dental Assistants 12 week training program and a 200 hour internship you will gain experience with real dental equipment and get your 2 Florida Certifications to become a Florida Dental Assistant (EFDA Certification and your Dental X-ray Certification).

What is the average pay for a Dental Assistant?

According to the 2016 Occupational Outlook Handbook the Median salary for a Dental Assistant is $36,940 per year / $17.76 per hour


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