Section 1 Handouts


Section 1 Handouts:

Below are the handouts needed for Section 1. Make sure you know print these handouts and bring to Class for Day 1. Some of these handouts are in your textbook but some need to be printed and brought to class. You will see them again on the Section 1 Test and Clinical Hands-On Assessment.

Course Outline

Homework Workbook List

Week 1 Study Guide

View Dental Procedures

Sample Charting Tissues of the Tooth Handout – Textbook Page 97

Anterior/Posterior Sectioning Handout – Textbook Page 143

Quadrants of the DentitionTextbook Page 143

Tooth Names/Numbers Handout  – Textbook Page 145

Tooth Surfaces Handout – Textbook Page  146

Universal Numbering System Handout  – Textbook Page 434

Dental Charting Symbols – Textbook Page 436

Surface by Quadrant

Tooth Surfaces/Charting Forms Handout

Amalgam/Composite Fillings Images

Charting Notes Examples

Dental Assistant Operator Zones Handout – Textbook Page 517

Basic Tray Set Up – Textbook Page 532

Amalgam Tray Set Up – Textbook Page 539 & 835

Composite/Bond/Resin Tray Set Up – Textbook Page 833

Extraction Tray Set Up – Textbook Page 969

Performance Checklist

Sample Dental Charting Needed for Class:

Master Charting Sheet T39

Sample Charting #2

Blank Charting