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Become a Dental Assistant in Florida!

Our 12-Week Dental Assistant Training Program will provide dental assistant training to students as a pathway to enter the dental profession as an entry-level dental assistant.

Before a dental assistant can be qualified to work with a dentist, it is important to provide basic dental knowledge to the future dental assistant. This 12 week dental assistant training program teaches students the knowledge and professionalism that it takes to be a part of the dental workforce in this exciting healthcare field. This accelerated course allows an interested student to acquire the basic entry-level dental assisting knowledge to begin their new career in as little as 12 weeks.

We realize that some people learn better from a hands-on training approach rather than a lecture approach to education, therefore the Academy for Dental Assistants has developed a curriculum for dental assistant training for this type of learner. The course is delivered in a hybrid format allowing students to attend class 1 day per week to be taught dental assisting skills while completing the book work, homework and quizzes online at home on your time. The course is divided into 4 sections, each section will have a Clinical Assessment from the procedures you learn in class and an Online Written Test that will come directly from the textbook on the chapters assigned to that section. Hands On Clinical Assessments are done in class; the  Written Tests are done online. This course does require the student to spend about 6-8 hours per week outside of class time to complete workbook and textbook assignments. The cost of the Program includes your Florida Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Certification and Dental X-ray Certification from the Florida Board of Dentistry once you complete the course and internship hours.

The objective of this program is to provide students the opportunity for a career in the dental field where they can work alongside a dentist and be able to perform a wide variety of dental assisting duties. This program will prepare students for an entry-level position in the dental field. The materials presented in this program are delivered in a “hands-on,” approach in an actual dental office not a traditional classroom setting. The students will be evaluated on their ability to perform the necessary clinical procedures delegated to a dental assistant in the dental office.

Skills learned in this program will be reinforced through a 200-hour internship (completed within a minimum of 3 months maximum of 12 months) in a dental office of your choice once the 12 weeks of instruction have been completed. Students are trained in the areas of dental terminology, patient care, and chairside dental assisting.

Step 1: 12-Week Dental Assistant Training Program in our Facility 1 Day Per Week
Step 2: 200-Hour Dental Assisting Internship in a Dental Office of your Choice
Step 3: Student Awarded Florida EFDA and Dental X-ray Certifications

State tests are included in the 12 week course

HOW TO WORK in an actual dental office
HOW TO USE the latest equipment and techniques
HANDS ON TRAINING in dental assisting procedures
ACCREDITATION with the  Florida Board of Dentistry

Both State Certifications Included in Cost of Program

EFDA & X-ray Certification Included

NO Additional Cost or Courses


Students are required to wear a Navy Blue medical scrub uniform with a Navy Blue or White lab coat to class. Lab coat can be short or long. Uniforms can be purchased at any uniform store or Walmart.

The books for the class can be purchased at any book store, online or through our office before the start of class. Currently we are using Modern Dental Assisting 12th ed. Bird Robinson Textbook and Workbook. The Dental Instrument Pocket Guide is optional. It is your option to purchase a new or used books and where to purchase the books (Amazon, Ebay, Barnes and Noble, or through us).


Hard cover book 12th edition – ISBN-13: 978-0323430302 ISBN-10: 0323430309 Edition: 12th

Workbook – ISBN-13: 978-0323430319 ISBN-10: 0323430317 Edition: 12th


Dental Instruments: A Pocket Guide 6th ed – ISBN-13: 978-032347454 ISBN-10: 0323474055

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

Computer and Internet Access

This class is an online blended format class. Students must have access to a Computer and Internet for the program (at home) to view class material, videos and download handouts. Students should have basic computer knowledge to ensure proper operation of online class work.


We take payment in full or a Deposit of $600 down and weekly payments of $170 per week for 12 weeks. (Please note if payments are made, a finance charge is added)

LOCATION: 4995 49th Street N., St. Petersburg, FL 33709

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Our business office must be notified in writing if you need to cancel the course or transfer to another class date. All refunds omit the 3% transaction fees that student pays when using debit card/ credit card.