6 Week Orthodontic Assistant Course Deposit Only



The course is meant to train an individual on the entry level basics of being an Orthodontic Dental Assistant or to expand the skills of an existing Expanded Functions Dental Assistant.

The course is for 6 weeks – 4 hours per week.  All Hands On Training. No Experience Necessary

This Course will train you in:orthodontic dental assistant procedures

Taking preliminary and post treatment photographs
Selecting and pre-sizing orthodontic bands
Selecting and pre-sizing archwires prescribed by dentist
Selecting extra-oral appliances by pre-selection or pre-measurement
Preparing a tooth surface with conditioning agents for orthodontic appliances
Removing and recementing properly contoured and fitting loose bands that are not permanently attached to any appliance
Making impressions for study models which are made for the purpose of fabricating orthodontic retainers
Placing or removing prescribed pre-treatment separators
Securing or unsecuring an archwire by attaching or removing the fastening device
Removing excess cement from orthodontic appliances with non-mechanical hand instruments only

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