Continuing Education Course - Experience is Required

The Course will provide students with the essential knowledge, skills and practical experience to successfully be familiar with the Full Sequence of Orthodontics. The student will learn to describe the types of malocclusions, discuss corrective orthodontics, describe the types of treatment involved and perform procedures to assist the Orthodontist. Such as changing archwires, ligature ties, take impressions, take Orthodontic photos and much more.

This Course is designed to give the basic terminology, knowledge and skills to an individual wanting to expand their skills as an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant or become an Orthodontic Dental Assistant. Experience is required.

We have collaborated with local Orthodontists to train students in exactly what the Orthodontist would want you to know before hiring an Entry Level Orthodontic Dental Assistant.

Orthodontic Dental Assistant

This Course is all Hands-On Training in Orthodontic Procedures.

  • 4 Hours Per Week for 6 Weeks

  • No Books

  • No Tests

Upon completion of the course the dental assistant will be trained to:

  • Taking preliminary and post treatment photographs

  • Selecting and pre-sizing orthodontic bandsOrthodontic Dental Assistant

  • Selecting and pre-sizing archwires prescribed by dentist

  • Selecting extra-oral appliances by pre-selection or pre-measurement

  • Preparing a tooth surface with conditioning agents for orthodontic appliances

  • Removing and recementing properly contoured and fitting loose bands that are not permanently attached to any appliance

  • Making impressions for study models which are made for the purpose of fabricating orthodontic retainers

  • Placing or removing prescribed pre-treatment separators

  • Securing or unsecuring an archwire by attaching or removing the fastening device

  • Removing excess cement from orthodontic appliances with non-mechanical hand instruments only

  • Place a lingual bar retainer

Please Note: This 6 Week Orthodontic Dental Assistant Training Course is a fast-paced course that requires a minimum of 3-4 hours per week of Readings and Homework outside of class.

Orthodontic Dental AssistantThe Course is for 6 Weeks, 4 Hours per class, 1 day per week  for all hands on training.


We take a maximum of 10 students per class. Your spot in the class is not reserved until you have made the deposit. ($350)


It is required to have prior experience to attend this training.  A dentist may require an individual to have their Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Certification and Dental X-ray Certification but they also may not. Every dentist has their own requirements before they hire an assistant.


This class is an online blended format class. Students must have access to a Computer and Internet for the program to view class material, videos and download handouts (at Home). Students should have basic computer knowledge to ensure proper operation of online class work.

Please Note: This Course is for the training of Entry Level Orthodontic Procedures; it does not provide a “State Certification for Orthodontics” in Florida. Florida does not require a separate Certification for Orthodontic Dental Assistants. In Florida, having an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Certification covers all specialties of Dentistry. Some dentists may ask for an EFDA Certification upon hiring, some dentists do not, that is up to the dentist.

Financing available with $350 down and weekly payments of $100 a week for the 6 weeks.

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We serve all of Florida: Tampa, Orlando, Fort Myers, Sarasota, Ocala, Port Richey, Lakeland, Venice, Largo, Clearwater, Kissimmee, Bradenton, Miami, Gainesville, etc.

Become a Florida Dental Assistant in 12 Weeks. We are a Florida Dental Assistant School offering Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Certification, Dental X-ray Certification and Orthodontic Dental Assistant Training.



Our business office must be notified in writing 7 days prior to the class start date in order to transfer to another class date. If less than 7 days before start of Course a $100 Transfer fee will be charged.

Refunds follow the refund policy listed in our FAQ’s. All Refunds omit 3% transaction charges that student pays when using credit card/ debit card.

  • $900.00