EFDA Supplies



Courses That Supplies Are Needed For:

  • Part 2 of the 1 Day Cortication Course (Combo Certification or EFDA Certification Only)

  • Dental Assistant/ EFDA Refresher Course

Students can bring their own instruments/supplies OR  students can purchase the instrument rental off of our website and all instruments/materials will be provided upon arrival of class date. 

Supplies/materials required for the course:

4 hole slow speed motor with a straight  attachment (for polishing  & making a temporary w/acrylic bur)
Acrylic bur
Temporary crown and bridge material (whatever material your office uses)
Temporary Cement
Prophy paste
Disposable prophy angle
Alginate (enough for upper and lower impressions)
Plaster or stone (to pour Alginate Impression for Study Model)
IRM and Cavit (any temporary filling material your office uses)
Base or Liner  (Fuji, Dycal, Ketac, whatever your office uses)
1 Piece of Dental Dam Material
Safety glasses
Basic set up (mirror/explorer/cotton pliers/air-water tip)
Disposable saliva ejectors
Face mask
Disposable gloves (5 pairs)

*** Whichever type of materials your offices uses for you to complete the procedures on the list are okay. Bring enough supplies to use in the course, approximately 2  of each disposable item