FL Dental X-ray Certification Course completed in 1 Day.  Ideal for Dental Assistants moving to Florida or on the job trained. Florida Board of Dentistry Approved Course. Minimum 3 months experience required.

This 8-hour Dental X-ray Certification Course is for the Florida Dental Assistant who has been formally trained by a licensed dentist, with a minimum of three months experience, in assisting in the positioning and exposing of dental x-rays. Students in the Dental X-ray course must be able to perform these skills in a clinical setting and pass an online written exam with a grade of 75% or better to be issued a Florida Dental X-Ray Certification.

This is a hybrid course with 2 Parts. Part 1 the Instructional Online portion of the course to be completed online BEFORE the class date and Part 2 the Clinical Hands On portion of the course to be completed in person at our facility.

A Florida Dental X-Ray Certification will be given upon demonstration of competency in both Parts – Part 1  a grade of 75% or better on the online written test and Part 2 the Clinical Hands On portion that the students demonstrates their proficiency in the positioning and exposing of dental x-rays.

A minimum of three months of experience as a chairside dental assistant is required to attend this course.

**PLEASE NOTE:  A Dental Assistant must have BOTH Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA) and Dental X-ray Certifications to become a Florida Dental Assistant

The course has 2 Parts.

Once you register and make payment for the course you immediately have access to the study material and state test for the course – Part 1

Part 1 – The Instructional Online portion of the course that is self paced. It includes all study material and the actual written tests for Certification. The test must be submitted online at least 48 hours before you can attend Part 2 of the course, the Clinical Hands-On portion that is given in our facility on the selected class date.

Part 1 is completed online, Part 2 is completed in our Facility on the selected class date.

The actual class date that is selected is the date you come to our facility for Part 2 of the course the “Hands-On” portion of the course. Part 2  the “Hands-On” portion involves demonstrating  your Dental Assisting skills. Once both Parts of the Course are completed you will receive your Certification; Part 1 – a passing grade of 75% or better on the Written online test and Part 2 – demonstrating your Dental Assisting skills in our facility on the selected class date.

You can take the written test from any device that can access the internet. The study material is a combination of Powerpoints and PDF documents.


Our business office must be notified in writing at least 7 days prior to the class start date of Part 2 – the Clinical Hands-on portion in our facility in order to transfer to another class date or a $100 transfer fee will be charged. To receive a refund the business office must be notified in writing and the refund will be based on the Cancellation and Refund Policy listed on your Registration Form you completed online and also listed on our FAQ’s page under Refunds for the 1 Day Courses. All Refunds omit 3% transaction charges that student pays when using credit card/ debit card. Please Note: Part 1 and Part 2 of this course must be completed within 90 days of Registration or both Parts will expire.

Course Dates

  • $350.00