Become a Certified Dental Assistant from Home in as Little as 12 Weeks

Soaring tuition, overpriced textbooks, long commutes, irrelevant courses, time spent in classrooms, the lack of attention caused by high student/teacher ratios – the college experience has changed a lot in the last few decades. For today’s world of fast-paced communication and expert training methods, the traditional classroom seems to have gone the way of the paperback. While still utilized to their full extent, one could say they exist under a new overlay of technology and specialized teaching methods.

The Academy of Dental Assistant’s is dedicated to bringing Florida and the Tampa Bay area the latest and greatest opportunities for education and technical certification. With a new, high-class facility coming in January of 2018, the Academy for Dental Assistants is looking forward to filling classes and seeing our students grow into confident, successful graduates of our technical certification programs. We are dedicated to training new employees for the field of dental healthcare at an affordable cost for students. Our Florida Board of Dentistry-approved certification courses cost a fraction of tuition and train individuals to enter one of the highest paying fields today’s economy.

Our programs teach using the more focused and specialized methods that technical schools can achieve. Colleges and other schools also require many hours spent in the classroom, but our courses require students to experience hands-on training with experts in their field only one day per week. In the 12-week Dental Assistant Training Program, the learning of terminology and theory can be done online at home. The student can work according to their schedule, do not have to commute every day, and can choose the days they come to class. In class, students learn skills and gain valuable experience in real-world situations with not just your average general studies teachers and subs, but actual professionals in the field. After the program, students will participate in an accumulated 200-hour internship at a dental office of their choosing, then go on test and become certified in dental radiology and the extended functions of an EFDA.

An Extended Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA) is a qualified dental healthcare employee who has the skills necessary to assist a dentist in everyday procedures, perform clerical tasks in the office, assist in the lab developing x-rays, as well as an assortment of other tasks. It may sound like you would need a degree to even get an internship, but technical certification is quickly becoming the preferred option for entry-level employees.

The medical field is a wonderful place to work for the compassionate individual. People who are drawn to the field are often excited by the chance to join a profession as important as healthcare. Helping people brings forth a feeling of meaning and intent. The gratitude and the easing of a patient’s suffering are some of the greatest joys on the job. If you know this is the role for you, it’s time to look at some of the options available for entry-level healthcare employees.

Choosing a field, a school, and an office are sequentially the decisions you will have to make. There are many jobs within the medical industry, as well as a multiplicative number of specialty fields. While some workplaces are urgent and high-stress, such as hospitals and urgent care units, others are more relaxed and require friendliness and interpersonal skills rather than a serious nature.

The dental industry is one of the quietest fields in the world of medical service, though equally important. General health has been closely linked to proper oral health. Preventative maintenance to the teeth and gums can help detect and prevent diseases by exploring and improving the hygiene of the mouth. People of all ages need dental care, and as an EFDA, you can expect to see the toothy grins of all ages as they leave the office with a brighter smile.

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August 31, 2017