3 Reasons Dental Assistants Have the Best Work Environment in the Industry

A career in healthcare comes with ample rewards, including a healthy income, employee benefits, and plenty of room for promotion. With so many alluring perks to draw you in, one important factor to keep in mind when choosing a field is the stress that comes with a fast-paced and demanding industry. If the rush of a hospital or the serious nature of a pharmacy do not sound exciting to you, here are a few reasons why becoming a certified dental assistant might be a more pleasant option.

  1. A Stress-Free, Positive Workplace

Dentistry is unlike other medical practices because it comes with a vibe of positivity and peacefulness. Even during a busy day, a dentist’s office does not become a hectic and scary place, but instead always retains an atmosphere of professionalism and courtesy. Clients are already nervous about having work done on their teeth, so every measure is taken to keep the mood light while assisting them.

People also do not rush in a dentist’s office, and work is generally less urgent and intense. The emphasis, especially for dental assistants, is on comfort and positive reinforcement. From the dentists, to the assistants, to the patients, a feeling of warmth and friendliness is a permeating factor in making the office a comfortable place. It is important to maintain the positive connection between the patient and the office.

  1. Friendly Clientele

Reduced stress in the work environment benefits not only the employees, but the clients as well. Clients do not walk in the door upset like they might a doctor’s office, where the stakes are usually higher. Most clients in a dental office are just a little nervous, which is why dental assistants always focus on friendly smiles. People of all ages visit the dentist, so you’ll meet a wide range of people and be able to use your interpersonal skills and winning personality to guide them through their time at the office.

A big part of a dental assistant’s job is to comfort, encourage, and help the patient through the visit with an upbeat demeanor. One of the greatest joys of the job is to know you made a patient’s experience more pleasant and easier than they expected, and their gratitude and happiness are greater than income or benefits. Getting people to smile is the most important job at a dentist’s office.

  1. A Growing Industry

A healthy income and employee benefits do not make a positive work environment, but they are part of something that does. The medical sector is a massive part of our economy, and substantial growth is expected for the dental industry. The growing industry holds many promising opportunities for new employees, who can enjoy job security and a sense of importance as they work to literally make the world a better place.

Dental and oral health is becoming gradually more acknowledged as a major factor in overall health, which is leading more people to seek preventative care for their teeth and gums. When coupled with a growing population and healthcare reform covering more people with expanded dental insurance, the picture becomes a clear future for employees of the dental industry. Stability creates peace of mind, as well as the potential for advancement. Qualified dental assistants can plan their future knowing that there will always be a need for their skills.

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August 31, 2017