What are Cavities and why are they bad?

What are cavities and why are they bad?

Dental CavityA cavity is a ‘hole’ in the tooth caused tooth decay. Decay is caused by bacteria which produce acid which dissolves the hard enamel of the teeth. When the enamel dissolves, a pathway may result from the outside of the tooth to the root as shown in the figure. The holes are microscopic to begin and grow if the bacteria is not removed. If the decay reaches the root, pain will result and root canal may be necessary. The decay can occur anywhere on the tooth.

Tooth decay also lead to cracks in the teeth which can result in a broken teeth.

The second picture is of decay on a molar. Note that holes have formed which lead to the inside of the tooth.

92% of all adults have or have had cavities. If you have filling, you had tooth decay. It is estimated that 26% of adults have untreated tooth decay.

If you have a filling, it should be checked regularly as decay can still occur around a filling and cracks often form along the edge of the filling.

Best preventative treatment is to brush often and brush well.

Come in an we will use the latest technologies to detect tooth decay and provide treatment before more serious dental work has to be done.

Repost – Original by Linda Jean Johnson

June 13, 2018