Dental Assistant Appreciation Week!

Dental assistants are key to what helps shape a dental office! Through Dental Assistants patient care, dedication, perseverance & hardwork, the dental field continues to become one of the top growing fields!
This week, we take time to show our love for ALL Dental Assistants around the world!
National Today states the reasons why dental assistant recognition week is important is because..

  1. Dental assistants are essential to a dental team

    Having an assistant in their name doesn’t diminish their value in the dental team. Dental assistants’ versatility makes them fit into any role in a dental practice. They can carry out any essential duty from providing support during a dental operation, offering oral health education and advice, to performing administrative responsibilities.

  2. It makes dental assistants feel valued

    Everyone likes to know their efforts are valued and appreciated by their employer, and Dental Assistants Recognition Week is a perfect time for that. Many employers use this week to organize team luncheons or outings, share gifts, or send personal thank-you notes. Use this Dental Assistants Recognition Week to show your appreciation to your dental assistant.

  3. Dental assistants can reflect on their dentistry journey

    Dental assistants can use the week to reflect on their journey so far, discuss their professional ambitions, and set long-term and short-term goals they want to achieve before the next Dental Assistants Recognition Week.

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    Thank you to each and every single Dental Assistant who goes to work every day to help make a change and change people’s lives! This truly is one of the most rewarding careers!
March 7, 2022