Dental Assistants Always Have Opportunities

If you are considering a career move in the near future, or if you haven’t yet decided what direction your working life is going to take you, it’s important to realize what you will need from your career.  For instance, if making a difference in the lives of others is important to you, then you might consider a career in the healthcare industry.  Statistics show that the healthcare industry is now one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with more careers in specialty healthcare opening up now more than ever before.  Working in healthcare also provides you with peace of mind that you will have a career for life; demand for quality healthcare professionals will always be high.


For many, the daunting demands and academic rigor of more prestigious positions in healthcare are off putting, yet everyone still wants to make a comfortable living while positively impacting  people.  Becoming a dental assistant is a perfect opportunity to make a difference without devoting years of study.   There are several opportunities available to today’s dental assistant; it is a career that will be richly rewarding and beneficial to many.


Opportunities to make a difference

Dental assistants make a huge impact on the lives of the patients that they care for.   Many times, you are the “face” of the dental office that one visits, and you determine what kind of experience they will have from beginning to end.  You will help them to become comfortable while preparing for procedures, answer any questions and address any concerns that they have, and provide them with assurance that everything is working well.  You provide peace of mind; that makes a lasting impression on patients.


Opportunities to settle your career anywhere

The demand for high quality dental assistants is expected to grow almost twenty five percent over the next ten years, making it a perfect time to complete training and start your career now.  Due to the aging demographic and the strong links shown between good oral health and good overall health, people are now placing greater emphasis on maintaining good oral habits.  Your part in providing this education and service is something you can provide almost anywhere.  You choose your location, and chances are you will find a position that works for you.


Opportunities to specialize in an area of care or an aspect of the field

There are several specialty areas you could choose to continue your education in, should you wish to take your expertise to the next level.  For example, a standard dental assistant program covers the basics of care, hygiene, and infection control, with a small emphasis on x-ray technology.  A good dentist looks for an assistant that has additional areas of specialty training in order to enhance their business.  Taking additional courses on x-ray technology and evaluation provide you with a competitive edge over other dental assistants, and will allow you to provide an additional level of quality service to your valued patients.  Any additional training that you procure results in better patient care, better service, and better relationships between you and those you care for.  This all adds up to a more rewarding career experience.


Opportunities to network and advance beyond entry level jobs

With additional training and opportunities for advancement available, you can command an impressive income by adding to the value of your skills.  Professional networks of dental assistants and dentists alike are regularly offering trainings designed to enhance and improve your performance.  You decide where you want to go with your career, and you will find opportunities to do what you envision.


Opportunities to create quality relationships with coworkers and clients

Perhaps the most beneficial opportunity a dental assistant will experience is the opportunity to create quality working relationships with clients and coworkers alike.  A great treatment experience is the direct result of being able to make and maintain connections with people.  Likewise, the cornerstone of any good working environment is the existence of quality relationships between coworkers.  A rewarding career that allows you to work with friends and assist friends on a better pathway to health is one that you can envision staying in for years to come.


There are all sorts of opportunities for you as a dental assistant–the opportunity to make a difference, to find work no matter where you choose to settle, to advance and specialize in areas that are passions of yours, and to create lifelong friendships.  Choosing to become a dental assistant is choosing to embark on a rewarding experience of health and satisfaction.


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December 22, 2017