Hands On Dental Assistant Course

Academy for Dental Assistants offers a 12 week Dental Assistant Training Program to train individuals for an entry level position in the Dental Field. The program is a Blended format with the didactic information given on our website for the student to complete around their schedule at home and a clinical hands on lab class given 1 day per week in our facility.Saturday Sept 2015 Class resize 200

It can be difficult to learn a new skill in a classroom and then transfer that skill to a different place. That’s why we teach in a dental office. We know that learning all of the necessary dental assisting skills in a dental environment is important. We want your first day on the job to be a huge success. If you’ve never set foot in the back of a dental office or touched an instrument or any of the specialized equipment that would be very difficult. Our hands-on training allows you to touch and feel everything. You’ll know how to work all of the equipment and where to find things in a dental office.

February 18, 2017