10 Personality Traits that Make a Great Dental Assistant

Every profession has its own qualities that draw people with certain personalities to the work. The healthcare industry is often recognized for its courageous, kind, and hardworking employees. Dental care, though a more peaceful sector, requires the same passion and diligence. Dental assistance and subsequent roles are attractive positions for amiable and outgoing individuals who enjoy working with people and helping them through sometimes difficult personal situations. It will be helpful for you to know which personality traits will benefit you in your coming career and maximize your potential as an employee.

You likely possess many of these traits already, and others can be learned. The great thing about character is you can build it through experience! Use these traits to affirm your potential in a dentalcare role and guide you in understanding the qualities that make a great dental assistant.

1. Friendliness

Not every career necessarily requires friendliness, but healthcare service certainly does. Dental assistants need a cheerful demeanor because they will be working closely with patients of all ages who may be nervous during their visit to the dentist’s office. You should always show your most agreeable side to make the visit pleasant for the patient and to ensure the appointment goes smoothly.

Greet them kindly whether it is a busy day or a late appointment. Ask them how they are doing and if they are comfortable when they are seated. By retaining an upbeat and approachable attitude, you are helping the patient relax and helping the dentist complete the treatment. Patients are more likely to ask questions if they have them, follow your instructions and advice, and work together with you and the dentist if they feel you have their best interests at heart.

2. Politeness

Being polite is different than being friendly. While friendliness seeks to actively create a positive atmosphere, politeness seeks to actively avoid a negative one. As you are interacting with clients, make sure you are respecting the boundaries of conversation. Avoid topics that are inappropriate for the workplace and always use neutral or positive language. Say please and thank you to make instructions sound less demanding. Always adopt a polite tone of voice as well – how you say something is just as important as what you say.

Dental assistants work with children, seniors, and everyone between, as well as people from all cultures, so treat everyone with equal respect. Keep in mind that what some find funny or friendly, others may take offense to. Along with outward cheerfulness, treat every individual as a formal acquaintance and you will create an environment in which they can comfortably receive their dentalcare.

3. Patience

Patience is a virtue, right? Well, it is also a powerful asset for you as a current or future dental assistant. There are two forms of patience – the patience that keeps you from rushing when you feel that time is scarce and the patience that keeps you from becoming frustrated when something upsetting happens. Staying patient means retaining your friendliness and politeness when they are challenged. Whether it be an appointment that is taking longer than expected or a client who has become upset, you should remain professional and endure.

Dental work can sometimes be long and arduous for the client, so you should remain patiently focused and caring under all circumstances. Patients may become upset – you should remain agreeable and help them become comfortable again. The dentist will also require your patience, as they will be performing treatments and procedures that require your full attention and assistance. Remain attentive, steady, and calm so that you can provide the highest quality assistance and thus enhance the dentist’s ability to work. Rushing and frustration cause errors, so begin and end every appointment with a clear mind and even breath.

4. Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is one of the best qualities in a trainee. Individuals with enthusiasm tend to volunteer their assistance, work harder, seek to improve themselves, and are always trying to learn more about their profession. The only way to build a career is to stay interested – if you lose interest you will find that your career ceases to expand. Enthusiastic individuals will find that they are rewarded for their efforts, such as receiving extra hours or increased pay. They also have a much better chance of being promoted as they are the ones who are going the extra mile.

Dental assistance is a marvelous occupation for the right individual, but remember that many factors can affect your enthusiasm for your work. The work environment, commute, or your coworkers may affect your will to work. If you find yourself less enthused than usual, ask yourself what might be holding you back. Is the commute draining you? Do you have a difficult coworker? To stay enthused, seek to improve your situation so that your interest in your profession can flow unimpeded.

5. Reliability

One thing every employer looks for in a potential employee is reliability. Being reliable means being consistently responsible, punctual, and honest. Having a good memory for your responsibilities is also a big part of being reliable. Employees should prove themselves every day to show that they are committed to the job. It is important to show up every day on time, prepared, and in full spirits to complete your shift.

Get a good night’s rest and a good breakfast so you don’t falter halfway through. This will make your job easier as well as making you a better employee. Employers need to count on you to get the job done, so make yourself readily available when you are scheduled, keep your duties in mind, and always be honest. Even one mishap can damage your reputation, so always plan to impress employers by fulfilling all that is asked of you.

6. Tidiness and Cleanliness

The sixth personality trait in our list is a combination because tidiness and cleanliness always go hand in hand. Sanitation is very important in healthcare, to the point where “infection control” is taught as a standard. Every instrument and machine, as well as the work area, must be sterilized before and after each use. This is a large part of a dental assistant’s job, as it will allow the dentist to rest assured that their equipment is safe and clean before each appointment. Staying neat and organized also allows the dental assistant to more efficiently locate and provide the dentist with the equipment they need for each procedure.

You will learn the techniques and policies that dental assistants use to maintain a clean work environment when you receive your formal training. For now, keep in mind that tidiness and cleanliness are not only nice qualities but essential skills in oral healthcare.

7. Efficiency

Efficiency is another quality that every employer looks for in a potential employee. Being efficient at your job means completing tasks quickly and correctly, as well as staying focused on the job. Working fast does not mean rushing, of course. Dental assistants should be well-trained and prepared to complete tasks quickly and confidently without error.

Efficient employees can finish tasks by themselves with little guidance. They are self-motivating, persistently helpful, and competent in their role. They know that taking care of business means working intelligently as well as diligently. The Academy for Dental Assistants main priority is to prepare individuals to do just that. Technical training will provide you with the knowledge and experience to shine as a dental assistant, and employers will notice a high-quality, well-trained employee compared to those without that standard of excellence.

8. Compassion

A personality trait that leads many individuals to dental assistance is compassion – the sympathy, empathy, and concern they feel for the well-being of others. Compassion and emotional intelligence are often employed to gauge, understand, and ensure the comfort of patients. Compassionate people are inspired to support others through difficult times.

Compassion is prevalent in healthcare because it is one profession where you can truly make a difference in people’s lives. The field is full of people who wish to improve the lives of others and relieve discomfort and pain. Dental healthcare’s primary motive is to enhance people’s lives by improving their oral health, as well as their confidence in their own appearance.

Be sensitive to the happiness of others and develop a sincere concern for their welfare – it will not only help you handle patients with greater ease but also serve as motivation that drives your career forward.

9. Confidence

When you have confidence in yourself, your coworkers, employers, and clients will also have confidence in you. As a dental assistant, you want to show everyone that you are not only adequate but capable and skilled in your work. Showing confidence in yourself will set patients minds at ease, as they will feel much more comfortable knowing they are in capable hands. Having confidence in your abilities shows patients that you can be trusted with their oral care.

Confidence is also something you can acquire over time. As you train to become a certified dental assistant, the knowledge and experience you gain will reinforce your abilities and fill you with a sense of self-assurance before you enter the workforce. You can guarantee your confidence and the quality of your training through the Academy for Dental Assistants. Our courses are run by top dental professionals with decades of experience and provide an authentic work environment for you to learn your new profession.

10. Optimism

Another distinct trait that makes for an exemplary dental assistant is an optimistic outlook. Like friendliness and politeness, optimism is a useful characteristic that benefits a positive environment. It can improve the atmosphere of the workplace, keep the patients happy, and is honestly more productive than cynical attitudes.

Optimism focuses on positive outcomes. By always looking at the bright side of every situation, you can generate goodwill and encourage patients to continue improving their oral hygiene. Reassure patients that they can look forward to better oral health and every effort they make is helping. Never imply a negative outcome, even as you teach them of the dangers of tooth decay and gum disease. Phrasing is always important, as you can always find an optimistic way to communicate.

Other personality traits are also prevalent in a star dental assistant – curiosity, versatility, and ambition, to name a few. Take every opportunity to cultivate strength of character, because it will see you through a long and prosperous career. Technical training through the Academy for Dental Assistants can teach you the skills necessary to succeed and help you develop the qualities that every employer wants to see in an interviewee. Your passion for people, caring nature, and willingness to learn are all you need to apply.

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October 3, 2017