Why Florida is the Perfect Place to Become a Dental Assistant

Many people see Florida as a popular vacation spot or a place to retire, but for the career-minded individual, Florida could be the land of opportunity. Florida isn’t just a place with clear waters, sunny beaches, and fantastic entertainment attractions – there are also bustling careers that work behind the scenes to care for the residents as they enjoy their own slice of paradise. Dental assistance is one of those careers, and it has become a lucrative occupation in The Sunshine State. Let’s look at a few reasons Florida is the 4th highest employer of dental assistants in the nation.

1. Job opportunities

Setting aside tourist attractions and the fun stuff, one of the most alluring aspects of work in Florida are the opportunities that a popular state offers, especially for healthcare employees. Florida is ranked as the third most populated state and is hosts a diverse collection of people from all age groups. The dense population has made healthcare employees such as dental assistants that much more important, as dental offices will be never have a short supply of patients, especially seniors seeking extra dental care.

Florida has long been known as a popular retreat for retirees ready to settle into the easy life. Because of this, seniors make up the largest percentage of the population. As the nation becomes more conscious of oral and dental health, the growing senior population and the groups of health-minded individuals will require ongoing dental care. That means job opportunities will be abundant for newly trained dental employees and professionals moving into the state as dentists and orthodontists become busy with the increased business.

2. Good pay

A good income may not be the sole reason you choose a career, but it is an important factor when planning a future. A friendly and professional atmosphere, the chance to help people with their health and self-image, and the character development that comes with a medical career are all attractive parts of becoming a dental assistant.

Along with these intangible benefits, though, come tangible benefits such as a healthy living wage, a guaranteed full or part-time schedule, employee benefit packages, and the opportunity to advance in a rewarding career. Consider the value of entering a strong industry – dental assistants who become state-certified have the potential to make just as much as an entry-level IT or business graduate without the need for a 2 to 4-year degree.

PayScale’s website reports the median salary for an entry-level dental assistant as just over $15/hour. Florida ranks in higher with dental assistant’s earning an average of $18/hour, putting it high on the list of top paying states for dental assistants. Bearing in mind that higher paying states included Alaska and the District of Columbia, Florida may be higher on your list for its temperate climate and rural surroundings.



3. A wonderful place to live

Speaking of temperate climates and rural surroundings, there is a good reason Florida is nicknamed The Sunshine State. Joining the community of laidback, outgoing Floridians may be one of the most gratifying life decisions you make. You will get to meet like-minded people who enjoy the warm and welcoming atmosphere of one of the friendliest states on the east coast. There is also a wonderland’s worth of amusement and beautiful scenery to enrich your personal life after a satisfying week of helping people in the dental office.

Some of the most stunning natural habitats and most desirable entertainment experiences in the U.S. reside in sunny Florida. Disney World, SeaWorld, the Kennedy Space Center, Legoland, Busch Gardens, the Everglades, the Florida Keys – these are just a few of the most popular locations. Gorgeous beaches and a variety of restaurants are also main features of the social life in Florida. With so many charming attractions, there will never be a lack of interesting weekend settings.

Becoming a Dental Assistant…

Opportunity, great pay, and a fun-filled life outside of work await certified dental assistants. The rewards are numerous, and there are few places that offer as much as Florida. With amazing prospects in a healthcare occupation, you might think that it would take just as long to reach the professional level required to assist with dental procedures, but that is not true thanks to technical certification.

Becoming a dental assistant and entering the field of dentistry and orthodontics is much easier now that post-secondary alternatives to college have opened the door for focused individuals.  Anyone can become a dental assistant with state-approved certification for less than the cost of college textbooks. Relevant, professional training will take you from entrant to expert assistant without general studies and tuition to hold you back. Best of all, the training courses and certification can happen in as little as a few months through the Academy for Dental Assistants.

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August 31, 2017