Probiotic Mouthrinse Improves Oral Health

According to Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, “A small study of 30 children found that mouthrinses containing probiotics can help limit plaque accumulation. The study included a group that used the probiotic mouthrinse once daily and a group that used a fluoride rinse once daily. No significant differences were found between the probiotic and fluoride groups regarding plaque accumulation at day 7. However, at day 14 and day 30, the probiotic rinse showed increased efficacy in reducing plaque accumulation compared to the fluoride group. The authors suggest that Streptococcus mutans may have become resistant to fluoride exposure, and assert more research is needed before a probiotic rinse can be recommended”

Machado, K. P. (2022, August 20). Small study finds probiotic mouthrinse improves oral health – dimensions of Dental Hygiene: Magazine. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene | Magazine. Retrieved August 29, 2022, from

August 29, 2022