6 Week Ortho Course Weekly Payment Via Debit/Credit Card



Payments are due Each Thursday (day of class, starting the first day)

Weekly Payment Options:

OPTION 1. Use this payment option to make your weekly payment for the 6 Week Dental Orthodontic Training Course via credit card.

  • You must login to your account online each week and select PAYMENTS each week for 6 weeks to make your payments via Debit/Credit Card.

Please Note: To utilize the credit card option a 3.5% fee is added to your total at check out.


OPTION 2. If you want to make your weekly payment via checking account use your Quickbooks invoice that is emailed to you. No fee to utilize the checking account payment option in your Quickbooks Account.

  • Your Weekly Invoice/Statement will be emailed to you each week with the Total Balance due. To pay by Bank ACH you can utilize your Quickbooks Invoice.
  • You MUST CHANGE THE TOTAL on the PAY NOW from the TOTAL BALANCE DUE to the weekly payment amount and enter your Banking Routing and Checking Account Number for no additional fee.

Please Note: Any Payments that are returned for “Insufficient Funds” or “Account Not Found” are subject to a $35 Returned Payment Fee. (“Account Not Found” could be if you enter a wrong number in the routing or checking account box). 

Students MUST CHECK YOUR EMAIL AT A MINIMUM WEEKLY. This is how we communicate with you and how your invoices are sent to you.