New Dental Typodont



Dental Typodont (32 teeth/pole mount)

Please Note: It is REQUIRED for students to purchase their own dental typodont to use in class and will also be able to take the Typodont home to help study the teeth anatomy.

If you choose not to purchase the Dental Typodont from the school, please be sure the Typodont has 32 Teeth and has a pole attachment connected to the Typodont (gray mechanism connected to the back of the Typodont to hold the typodont on a pole; see picture below) Academy for Dental  Assistants will supply the pole.

OPTION 1: Student can purchase a new Dental Typodont from the School. 

OPTION 2:   Student can purchase a 32 teeth/pole mount Dental Typodont on their own.

A DENTAL TYPODONT is required and must be brought to each class and will be used in the first class.

Please Note: Academy for Dental Assistants does not do any shipping, if supplies are purchased they must be picked up from the school at a scheduled time Monday- Friday 9:30am-4:30pm.  If supplies are purchased through the school, they will need to be picked up BEFORE THE FIRST CLASS.

Dental Typodont