Face Shield With Glasses



New Face Shield – Glasses Fit

OPTION 1: The school will provide students with a face shield for use during the class that must remain at the school after each class, has an elastic band that goes around your head with foam to separate the shield from your face.

OPTION 2: You can purchase your own personal face shield that is yours to keep.  It is arms like glasses that fit around your ears (like safety glasses), is said to be more comfortable and has a better quality shield. (the school Face Shield has a foam elastic band the goes around your head to hold it on.

This “Glasses Fit” Face Shield is optional.

Please Note: Academy for Dental Assistants does not do any shipping, if supplies are purchased they must be picked up from the school.  If supplies are purchased through the school, they will need to be picked up BEFORE THE FIRST CLASS.

Dental Assistant Face Shield