12 Week Modern Dental Assisting 13th Edition Textbook ONLY



13th Edition TEXTBOOK ONLY and DOES NOT include the Workbook

Workbook AND Textbook are required BEFORE the first day of class and to be brought to EVERY class. We also sell both together as a set.

Modern Dental Assisting Textbook 13th Edition ISBN: 978-0323624855 – Bird and Robinson – Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

Please Note: If student decides to purchase the textbook and workbook on their own it is NOT RECOMMENDED TO BUY USED TEXTBOOK OR WORKBOOK. The textbook comes with a “Code” that is used for the Evolve Online Resources that students must sign up for (Directions to register for the textbook Evolve Online Resources, are in the Introduction Section online) and if the “Code” has already been used by previous textbook owner it cannot be used a second time. Also, the workbook needs to have all the pages available as each week there are workbook assignments  to be completed and turned in each Section and if workbook is “used” pages may be missing or already torn out of the workbook.

Both books are required to be brought to each class.

Please Note: Academy for Dental Assistants does not do any shipping, if supplies are purchased they must be picked up from the school at a schedule time Monday – Friday 9:30am – 4:30p. The Textbook and Workbook are needed BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS if purchased through the school, student will need pick up BEFORE THE FIRST CLASS. (Assignments in the Workbook and Textbook are to be done BEFORE coming to the first day of class – (see course outline for Module 1 & 2)

Please Note: if your purchase the Textbook and Workbook from us, you will need to set up a time to pick up the books from our office during business hours Monday- Friday 10:00am – 4:30pm. We do not ship the books.

These books MUST be picked up BEFORE the first day of class since there is textbook reading requirements and workbook assignments due the first day of class.

Modern Dental Assisting 13th Ed Textbook Only


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