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This quiz  will have 13 questions from the OSHA, Bloodborne Pathogens and Needlestick Protocol Power Point available on the previous page and Chapters 19-23 in your textbook. It is VERY Important to understand everything listed in the previous power point on OSHA/NEEDLE STICKS.

Each office will have all of these items available to you in the office. It is important to understand them to protect yourself from any injuries on the job, ESPECIALLY  the Needlestick Injury/Protocol and what you can do to prevent a Needlestick Injury.

You can read more about Disease Transmission and Infection Prevention in your textbook Chapter 19 – 23.

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During interviews, you should also be prepared for the office manger or Dentist to ask you if you have been trained in OSHA. Which is why we cover it in Section 1 and in Section 3.