• Dental Assistant Certification Course
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    1143 STUDENTS

    12 Week Dental Assistant Training Program, attend class 1 day per week. Hands on Training. State Certifications Included – Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Certification and Dental X-ray Certification after 3 months on the job training/Externship.

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  • Dental Assistant Course
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    EFDA and Dental X-ray Courses Combined into one course given in 1 day. For experienced dental assistants needing their Florida Certifications. Min 3 months Experience

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  • Digital Dental Radiology
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    FL Dental X-ray Certification Course completed in 1 Day.  Ideal for Dental Assistants moving to Florida or on the job trained. Florida Board of Dentistry Approved Course. Minimum 3 months experience required.

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  • Dental Assistant EFDA
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    340 STUDENTS

    FL Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Certification Course can be completed in 1 Day. Ideal for Dental Assistants moving to Florida or a Florida Dental Assistant that was on the job trained. Florida Board of Dentistry Approved Course. Min 3 months experience.                     

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  • Orthodontic Typodont
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    ORTHODONTIC DENTAL ASSISTANT TRAINING COURSEWhat You Will Learn The Course will provide students with the essential knowledge, skills and practical experience to successfully be familiar with the Full Sequence of Orthodontics. The student will learn to describe the types of malocclusions, discuss corrective orthodontics, describe the types of treatment involved and perform procedures to assist the Orthodontist. Such as changing archwires, ligature ties, take impressions, take Orthodontic photos and much more. This Course is designed…

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  • Dental Assistant Taking Digital X-rays
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    This course is to refresh the dental assistant on taking dental x-rays by the use of a digital sensor. It is meant to refresh an individual on the proper techniques of taking periapical x-ray films: Bitewings (BWX), Full Mouth Series (FMX) and individual periapicals (PA’s) utilizing a digital sensor. The ideal candidate is a dental assistant that has been out of dentistry and in need or practice or an individual that wants training in digital…

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  • Temporary Crown and Bridge Course
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    This course is for the dental assistant that would like additional training on fabricating a temporary crown and bridge. The course is all hands on and will utilize different materials. This is a 4 Hour All Hands-On Refresher Course. Maximum 6 Students per Class.

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