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Dental Assistant Overview

According to Dental Post, In 2021, 61% of full-time dental assistant salaries range from $31,000 to $50,000. 14% are earning over $50K. This is an increase over 2020, when 52% of full-time dental assistant salaries ranged from $31,000 to $50,000 and 12% were earning over $50k. Over the last year, the percentage of dental assistants reporting total income less than or equal to $20k dropped from 8% to 4.5%. Between 48% and 49% indicated their …

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What Dental Professionals Want

According to Direct Dental, Dental Professionals want… “Flexibility After reading all the responses, flexibility seemed to be the #1 want, and obviously the hardest thing for a small practice to give. Usually in a practice everyone has their set position so when someone calls out the whole team struggles. So offering flexibility is a challenge. Here are some ideas on how to offer it. Build a temp bench – for each position in your office, …

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Dental Assistant Appreciation Week!

Dental assistants are key to what helps shape a dental office! Through Dental Assistants patient care, dedication, perseverance & hardwork, the dental field continues to become one of the top growing fields! This week, we take time to show our love for ALL Dental Assistants around the world! National Today states the reasons why dental assistant recognition week is important is because.. Dental assistants are essential to a dental team Having an assistant in their …

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Dental Employee Turnover 2022

According to Dental Post, Over the last year, dental workers have returned to the job market in large numbers, and many returning workers took positions with new employers. With the current shortage of dental workers, many employers are concerned about retaining current employees. DentalPost’s new 2022 Dental Professional Salary Survey Report provides data to help dental practice owners and managers gauge their level of risk for losing one or more team members during the next year due …

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BECOME A DENTAL ASSISTANT IN AS LITTLE AS 12 WEEKS!! Dental Assistant Starting Pay is Now $16 – $22 per Hour CALL NOW FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TAKE A TOUR OF OUR FACILITY NEXT CLASS DATES CAN BE VIEWED ON OUR”CLASS DATES” TAB ON THE HOME PAGE Dental Assistant Courses – Class Dates We have 4 different class continuously running with different start dates. The Course is for 12 consecutive weeks and they restart …

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Most Important Dental Assisting Skill

Being in the business of dentistry for decades has taught me that motivating patients toward excellent health takes more than educating them about the benefits with an arsenal of diagnostic tools. The work of dental assistants involves many necessary skills and knowledge about equipment, instruments, sterilization, and organization of the treatment room. Another skill that great dental assistants possess is the that of listening to and building rapport with patients. While working in the operatory on charting, radiographs, …

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Being new, but knowing your worth

The struggles of completing your dental hygiene academic career, passing your boards, and getting your license are real! So real that you may look back and wonder, “How the heck did I do that!?” When you let your overactive brain matter start to relax as you put dental hygiene school in the review, a new stressor takes its place, the real dental world.  Many dental hygiene clinicians will agree that academia prepares you for patient …

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Understanding what really protects us in dentistry—it isn’t just our PPE

Our PPE is not the only thing to protect us in dentistry. There are many other defenses and precautions that keep us safe and limit the spread of infection. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light multiple perspectives on the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in dentistry. Some practitioners believe that we have good enough PPE in dentistry and should be allowed to continue working throughout the pandemic, while others are afraid to return …

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Why I Became a Dental Hygienist (and would again!)

Sometimes it takes something major to cause you to reevaluate every aspect of your life. For all the challenges and disruption the pandemic has brought, it has also forced us to take stock and re-evaluate what is important. For me, it has rekindled and renewed my love for the dental community and helped me re-identify with the reasons I got into dental hygiene in the first place––to care for others and be in community with …

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Managing Stress In The New Dental Normal

Stress is an inevitable part of life, but when we control it, instead of the other way around, we feel better and have better life outcomes. Having seen patients this week and understanding what working in today’s dentist offices requires, I felt compelled to sit down and write to my dental community friends and colleagues who may not be feeling so positive.  Did you know that 80% of all the thoughts we have are negative. Yes, you read …

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Adapting to today’s many changes in dental assisting

It’s been more than two months since the American Dental Association (ADA) put forth its recommendations for dentists nationwide to postpone elective procedures as a way to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus. During this time those of us in the dental assisting profession have been faced with significant challenges. Our profession includes clinical and business assistants, dental assisting educators and students, and dental assistants who serve administratively. One benefit that has been apparent throughout this …

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Dentists are sweating under three layers of face protection to get patients back

Dr. Norberto Camacho says he’s drenched in sweat and yearning for oxygen after every shift at his dental practice in Brickell, where the AC is stuck above 72 degrees and staff are adapting to multiple new layers of personal protective equipment. With an 80-year-old grandmother waiting at home and Florida hitting more than 244,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and more than 4,100 deaths as of Friday, Camacho, 35, is determined to minimize the risk of infection for …

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