Dental X-ray Certification Course Only



Florida requires Out of State or on the Job Trained Dental Assistants  to obtain BOTH their Florida EFDA (Expanded Functions Dental Assistant) and Dental X-ray Certification. You can take each courses separately or at the same time or and obtain both of your Florida Certifications from our School in a Combo Course in 1 day! All our courses are Approved by the Florida Board of Dentistry.

To attend the EFDA and Dental X-ray Certification Courses  you must provide proof of training in dental assisting by either having an employment/training verification form signed by a dentist (all forms are under “My Account” across the top of our website)  or we can use your certifications from another state as proof of training in dental assisting.

You must email the signed Employment Verification Form or copy of your Out of State Certifications BEFORE ATTENDING  “Part 2″ of the course for the Clinical Hands On Assessment held in our office on the designated date.

All our  courses are in a hybrid  with 2 Parts. Part 1 – the instructional written portion of the course and exam(s) (State Board Exam(s)) are completed online BEFORE you can attend Part 2. Part 2  is the clinical hands on portion of the course completed in person at our facility on the specified class date you select at Registration. (offered 2 times per month) Your Florida Board of Dentistry Certification(s) will be given once you complete Part 1 and Part 2.

Part 1  – passing the online Exam(s) with a 75% or better and  Part 2 – Clinical Hands On Procedures – demonstration of competency in performing dental assisting procedures (EFDA) and/or taking Digital X-ray  in our facility. (see the Performance checklist in “My Account”)

X-ray Course Information

PART 1 – The online Dental X-ray Exam is divided into 5 Units. Each Unit will have literature for your review on our website.  Once you review the material you are required to take an End of Course Online Exam. The Exam is not timed. You can log in and out of the website to review the material as many times as needed until you are ready to submit the answers to the Exam. Once you enter all the answers to each question and Submit the Exam, it will be automatically graded. If you receive a 75% or better you are done with Part 1 and only need to come to our facility for Part 2 – the Clinical Hands on portion of the course where you will mount a traditional FMX, Assemble XCP Rinns and take 8 digital X-rays.  No Supplies are needed if you are only taking the Dental X-ray Certification Course. ( Supplies are needed for the EFDA Course or Combo Course)

NOTE: If you are taking the EFDA/Xray Combo Course  Certification you will have 2 Exams to take (EFDA and Dental X-ray Separate). Follow the same steps for each course.

Instructions for Taking a Course

Once you register for the course, make payment and select the date that you wish to attend Part 2 of the course (the hands on portion in our facility) you will automatically have access to the material to begin Part 1. You can log in and out of the site as may times as needed until you complete Part 1 of the course the online portion using the Username and Password you set up when your registered for the course. Once you log in, go to the tab across the top “My Courses”. In the INTRODUCTION SECTION will will find a downloadable version of the EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION FORM.

You can also download the material onto your computer to view offline.

You must email or fax us a Employment Verification Form prior to attending Part 2 of the course to (fax) 727.279.4631 or

If you have any other questions please feel free to call us at 727.914.0599

PLEASE NOTE: Once you Register and make your payment you will need to select a CLASS DATE. Once you make your payment is processed you will be redirected to pick a class date. SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE COURSE PAGE AND SELECT A CLASS DATE TO ENROLL IN.